How to apply for passport in India?

I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff! – Anonymous

We all want this to happen to us, don’t we? It is always better to wander and experience than to stay and only dream about it. In the era where everyone talks about being a global citizen, passport has become an essential thing in life. It is one of the most important form of identification. Passport is the biggest proof of citizenship, every person should have it. With the elevated security measures now a days, it is next to impossible to travel to a different country without a passport.

In this blog, Visa Guide team has jotted down steps to apply for an Indian passport online. Mr.Prime Minister dreams of digital India, we are here to help achieve that goal and assist every citizen of this country.

Let’s get started with the process…

Step 1​ :​ You will have to go to Passport Seva Website (if it doesn’t work then go to your browser/Google and type Passport Seva, click on the first link, you will be redirected to Passport Seva Website).

Step 2​ :​ ​Click on New User? Register Now​ at the left hand side. You will be directed to a User Registration Form​.

Step 3 : Fill this User Registration Form as described below and Click on Register.

Step 4​ : ​After successfully completing User Registration​, you will reach Applicant Home​ Page. Here you need to click on the first link i.e. Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport​.

Filling Application Form:

Step 5 :

You will find two alternatives to fill up your Passport Application Form here.

Alternative 1 :

Downloading the Soft Copy (PDF) of the Application form. Fill it up offline and upload after filling it up completely (Highly Recommended)

Alternative 2 :

Fill up the form online and submit it instantaneously

We recommend to go with the Alternative 1 as one can take as much time as one need to fill up the form since one can do it offline.

How to Follow Alternative 1 :

  • Click on the link to download the application form i.e. Click here to download the Soft Copy of the Form.
  • Once you click on this link, your form will be downloaded in a Zip Folder.
  • Please Unzip this folder to find the Passport Application Form in Pdf Format
  • Double Click to Open this file.

Step 6 : Filling Up the Passport Application Form :

  • Select Applying for Fresh Passport (If you are first time applicant) / Re-issue of Passport (For re-issuing of passport)
  • Type of Application should be Normal. People who want a Passport in emergency may Select Tatkal
  • Select the Number of Pages you want in the Passport Booklet
  • Enter your Given Name/ First Name
  • Enter your Surname (Lastname)
  • Select YES if you are known by any other names as well. Mention your Other Name(s) and Surname(s). Otherwise Select NO
  • Select YES if you have ever changed your name. Mention your Old name(s) and Surname(s). Otherwise Select NO
  • Enter your Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format. Eg 24/08/1992
  • Select YES if your place of Birth is Out of India. All Indian citizens must select NO
  • Enter the name of your Village/City/Town, State, District
  • Enter your Gender (Male/Female) & Marital Status (Single/Married/Widow/Divorced/Separated)
  • All India citizens must select Citizen of India by Birth
  • Enter your Pan Card Number and Voter ID Card Number (If Available). If you do not have a Pan Card and/or Voter ID, you can leave the respective box blank
  • Select your Employment Type
  • Select YES if your Father/Mother/Spouse is a Government Servant. Otherwise Select NO
  • Select your Educational Qualification
  • If your Qualification is 10th Standard or Above then you are eligible for Non-ECR Category. Otherwise you are NOT
  • You must mention about any identification mark on your Face/Neck/Shoulder which is clearly visible
  • Mention your Aadhaar Card Number (If Available)
  • Mention your Father’s Name & Surname, your Legal Guardian’s Name (If Applicable), your Mother’s Name & Surname, your Spouse’s Name & Surname. Note : Given Name should also include Middle name (If Any)
  • Select NO if your Present Address is in India. Otherwise Select YES
  • Select YES if your Permanent Address is same as your Present Address. Otherwise Select NO
  • Fill out your Emergency Contact Details such as Emergency Contact Person’s Name & Address, Mobile Number, Telephone Number & Email Address
  • Fill out the Contact details of 2 References in your City/Town/Village:  Contact Person’s Name & Address, Mobile Number & Telephone Number
  • Enter your Previous Passport Application Details : Select YES if you have held any Official or Diplomatic Passport. Otherwise select NO. If you have applied for a passport before and it was not issued to you, then Select YES. Otherwise Select NO
  • Enter Other Details : (1) If you have been charged with any criminal proceedings ever, Select either YES or NO based on your answer. (2) In the last 5 years, if have you been convicted by any court or been in jail, Select either YES or NO based on your answer. (3) If you have ever been refused or denied for passport, Select either YES or NO based on your answer. (4) If your passport has even been impounded or revoked, you must Select either YES or NO based on your answer. (5) If you have ever applied for any political asylum in any other country, Select either YES or NO based on your answer. (6) If you have ever returned to India on Emergency Certificate or have been deported by any other country, Select either YES or NO based on your answer.
  • Read the Self Declaration & Check on I Agree to proceed
  • Mention the Name of the Place and Date. Eg. Mumbai, December 24, 2016
  • Finally click on Validate and Save. This will save your Passport Application E-form in Xml Format. This completes your filling process to apply passport online.

Step 7 : Now, you need to be on the Applicant Home Page again &  Click on the Link Apply for Fresh Passport/ Re-issue a Passport. In Alternative 1, there is a link to upload your e-form. Click on the link Click here to upload the filled form

Step 8 : Choose your fully filled XML E-form from your Computer’s Directory Path. Click on YES if you want to go for Passport Seva Services. Otherwise Click NO. Check if you want to enrol for any other extra benefits. Finally click on Upload to submit your E-form. This will generate your ARN Number (please note this down). You can now check your submitted application with ARN Number at Applicant Home Page.

Step 9 : For booking an appointment at your Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) or Regional Passport Office (RPO), you need to select your ARN Number in Applicant Home Page. Just below your details click on the link to Book an Appointment. You will get the availability of dates and respective PSK and/or RPO. You may finalize the date of appointment according to your convenience.

A fee of INR 1500 (or more depending on type of application) will be charged for booking the appointment. Three chances are given to the person for booking an appointment with the payment of INR 1500. Accepted mode of payment is by Credit/Debit Cards, By Bank Deposit or By Bank Draft. In the process to apply passport Online and Booking appointment, this is a compulsory process.

Note : Remember to carry all your Original documents and two set of Self Attested photo copies of each. Also carry your duly signed Passport form with your photograph pasted on it.

Passport Appointment:

When you reach the Regional Passport Office or Passport Seva Kendra on your appointment date and time,

  1. Your Original Documents will be checked and you may be asked for the photocopy documents.
  2. After verification of your Documents, you will be asked to give your Biometric Information like your Fingerprints and Thumb Impressions of both the hands. Your photograph will be clicked for online records. In this step also, you may be asked to show your Original Documents.
  3. After completing both the above steps, you will be handed over a Final Acknowledgement Receipt, which you must keep safely.

Police Verification:

Maximum 10 to 15 days after your appointment date, you will be intimated about the Initiation of Police Verification request for your Passport Application file at the Police Station specified by you while filling up the application form. You may be asked to submit photocopies of your documents, please keep it handy.

Note: In the case of Tatkal application, Police Verification happens post receiving of passport.

If you did not receive any intimation, you can track the status of your Passport Application by entering your File Number and Date of Birth.

You will receive an e-mail as specified below:

You will go through Police Verification at the address specified by you. At the time of Police Verification, you will also be asked for the photocopies of all the documents which you submitted at your RPO/PSK with your application. Also, you will be required to take Signature, Name & Addresses of 2 Witnesses (at times no witness is needed with new process) on a Police Verification Form issued by the Police Department. The invigilating officer will provide you with this Form. Within 1-2 weeks after the ‘Clear’ Police Verification Report , you will undergo LIU Verification (sometimes LIU verification happens on the same day when you apply for passport).

Important Note : If your verification is not done within 3 weeks, you should get in touch with your Police Station.

LIU (Local Intelligence Unit) Verification (Not For Every Case):

Lastly, you will undergo LIU Verification in which you will be asked few basic questions about your family, your profession, your permanent address, father’s /husband’s name and profession etc.

Once you have a clear LIU Verification, your passport will be dispatched to your postal address. You will receive an Email and SMS as soon as your passport is dispatched with the details of speed post.

Important Note : During police verification or LIU verification, you may be asked for some bribe. We request you not to entertain any bribe at any point of time during the complete procedure while making your passport.

This is the procedure of ‘How To Apply For Passport In India?’. If you have any further doubts or queries on the process to apply passport online, you may connect with us on

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