Visa Problems On Airports, Let’s Avoid Them!

So, you have finally received your much awaited visa? Don’t revel in euphoria right just yet! The journey has just started and Mario needs to tackle some more levels before he gets his princess.

One of Europe’s most revered scholars Erasmus had said centuries ago that “Prevention is better than cure.” Fast forward to the current times, with all the visa related issues being faced by people at the airports, the famous saying couldn’t have been more true. Your visa problems do not end once you have obtained the stamp but it persists till you have crossed the borders (and sometimes after that too). Here’s how you can have a smooth ride by being a little more diligent about your visa. 

So, after obtaining your visa, first thing that you should be do is to carefully check whether all the information printed on your visa is correct or not. The usual information printed on the visa are as follows:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Validity
  • Number of entries allowed
  • Type of visa

Smallest inconsistency in information, get ready to face the hassles! Harsh it is, you may think, right? Well, that’s the reality!

Having a valid visa does not automatically guarantee you an entry into the country that issued the visa to you in the first place. The moment you land at the host country’s airport, passport control officers will check to see if you are still eligible for that visa. The reasons and circumstances under which you obtained the visa in the first place must still be there and hold true. And what happens if passport control officers are not satisfied with your visa and answers? Yes, you are deported back!

The most common reason for which individuals are turned away at airports is paperwork and conflicts with travel documents. Expired documentation, anyone?

If travelling as a tourist or for business purposes, make sure you have a return or onward ticket and contact details of your host, including their address. Have all the documents related to the purpose of your travel in place before starting your journey. You may be denied entry and your visa might be cancelled at the checkpoint itself if you are unable to demonstrate your eligibility or required qualifications for your visa. 

Planning to study overseas and have received your visa? Get a document from your institution showing there are no problems of the kind that could get your visa cancelled. Else, be prepared to be intercepted by immigration authorities at the airport, and sometimes say ‘bye bye’ to your higher education dreams.

Presenting information which is inconsistent with your visa status will result in you getting deported back! However, if you are prepared and show little more consciousness towards your visa processes, you will avoid all the hassles that others face on airports. 

So, take measures, be well prepared, take expert advice if needed. Do not live in La-La Land!


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