At your service, even at midnight!

It has been a month but that hour is still fresh in my mind. It was a Saturday night & I got a call on my personal phone. I could recognize a forwarded call from Visa Guide helpline and it made sense as no Visa Operations Executive would be available in office at this hour.

Honestly, I’d have not picked up this call if it was meant for me, I had already signed up for peaceful Saturday night & was half tucked into bed. However, this one I picked up without giving any further thought.

To my surprise, I found a concerned voice on the other hand asking me about Hong Kong visa process. She & her colleague were refused entry while boarding flights as they did not have a valid business visa to travel to Hong Kong. She was told briefly by airline authorities about getting a valid document / visa that’d allow airlines to let them through. They were not aware of any change in process & were under the impression, visa is on arrival.

At first, I thought it was a prank call. It was difficult for me to process how two senior executives from multi-national company could end up in such a situation. However, I sensed seriousness in the tone & opened up Visa Guide portal to see the process for Hong Kong visa. I quickly went through process posted by Visa Guide’s data mining team & was well-equipped to help them.

I started filling up application forms as they helped with their personal information & submitted 2 applications in span of 20 minutes. I emailed them submission PDFs for them to print & show to airport authorities. After nervous 30 mins, we got confirmation that they were through.

Later, we found out, we were 7th on the list of companies they called for help. Out of previous 6, they either could not connect or they were told, nobody can help you at this hour. Even travel desks on airport were clueless & had no tips to share. But, Visa Guide helped. 🙂

I saw how our use of technology, cloud telephony & our values to strive for customer success had come together in span of couple of hours to solve a real-world problem.

Oh! I almost forgot. The person who called me that night was Ms. Mansi Vyas. She was travelling with Mr. Manoj Tinna, VP of Sales for a company called GraceNote. Mansi was kind enough to share her experience. In her own words..

Mansi Vyas's review on Google
Mansi Vyas’s review on Google

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