Lost & Found Saga On Airports

The most planned and exciting trip can become a challenge once you realize that your valuable or essential possession, the only piece of familiarity in a foreign land is missing! Losing baggage is every traveler’s one of the worst nightmares.

It can get lost due to a variety of reasons in the course of your journey; however, most of the occurrences happen within hours of one landing at a new destination, it is advisable that in such situations following details should be kept in mind:

  1. First of all don’t panic, every airport has a defined process and a separate counter to find out lost luggage. Contact these ‘Lost & Found’ authorities on the airport. Fill up ‘Property Irregularity Report (PIR)’ form and keep a copy of the same with you, insurance companies would need it for verification.
  2. Keep your boarding pass or journey proof even after the journeyIf your baggage is lost or forgotten at the airport, the authorities would need to verify the date and time of travel, moreover, it would help them identify the luggage and airline associated with your trip.
  3. Keep a copy of Government Id or passport while registering a complaint or at the time of claiming the baggage.
  4. An accurate description of the baggage with unique identification mark if any should be conveyed while reporting or claiming the baggage.
  5. You should contact the authorities immediately once you realize that your baggage is missing, or you are notified that the lost baggage is found, items are stored at the airport for a limited time period which could extend from 5 days (before they are moved to a different location) to 30 days after which they become state property or auctioned off. Also,  this helps in increasing the possibility of locating them.
  6. If you have left anything on board of an aircraft, it is suggested to contact the airline instead of airport authorities (who would redirect you to the airline) to save time.
  7. While reclaiming luggage, please don’t forget to show the PIR and collect received receipt from the authorities.

If the baggage is lost during transaction or not received at the destination airport, it falls under airlines’ jurisdiction, there is a possibility that it could have been just delayed, not lost. In such cases, where you don’t receive your baggage within 24 hours or the time specified by the airline, some amount of money is reimbursed to help passengers purchase the essentials by airlines.

Reimbursements are also covered in travel insurance which is applicable for the entire journey. In an event of permanent stolen baggage, or lost baggage, travel insurance covers the value of the luggage and belongings up to the policy limit and in the case of temporary loss of luggage, it reimburses the amount required to buy the essentials until the luggage is received.

It is strongly advised to have travel insurance while travelling abroad; it not only covers lost possessions but also trip cancellation, flight delay, missed flights etc.

No matter where you are, whatever is keeping you stranded, stay calm and contact the authorities without hesitation. Don’t let such setbacks stop you from enjoying and exploring new places!

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