True Cost Of Travelling

Applying for visa is a lot of hard work (could be less if you know who to contact *hint*), and a bit of luck. And after all the shenanigans, you realize that there’s half a chance that your money and work might go in vain which is kind of a setback and stops a lot of budding travelers from trying to plan a trip. We have tried to make planning easier for you through this blog with our research on visa costs and supplementary details around it.  

A Visit To The Neighbors

You can choose to roam within the Asian boundaries to Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, or Bangladesh, without spending more than INR 2000 on visa for each country. Countries like Nepal and Bhutan allows Indian travelers to enter without any visa fees.

Easy On The Pockets

For avid travelers on a tight budget, places like Philippines, Cambodia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Morocco, and Japan won’t cost them more than INR 5000 on their visas, so they can spend more on exploring these places and less on travelling to them. With the exchange rate differences, even small saving would allow you to see lot more places.

A Fair Deal

They might not be the most affordable visas but by paying little extra you can travel to 26 countries and more, Schengen visas cost you from INR 5999 to INR 7999. Moreover, you can visit Tunisia, Ukraine, Ghana, Ethiopia, UAE (14 days), UK, or Australia, without having to shell out more than INR 10000.

New American Dream

It’s not easy to travel to the US after all, the visa is a tad bit expensive just like New Zealand’s with more requirements and procedures. Both these would cost you anywhere between INR 10000 and INR 14000. But hey, would you mind spending those bucks when Uncle Sam has so many things to offer to you? Or when best country to live on planet Earth (New Zealand) calls for you?

The Big Player

If you are visiting UAE for 14 days, or 30 days, you may get the visa for under INR 7000. However, if you are planning on staying for 90 days, get ready to spend more than INR 15000 just on the visa. This is still a much reasonable price as compared to other countries in Middle East. 

Here’s a little secret: The more you have traveled, the more are your chances of getting your next visa approved. Isn’t it wise to try your luck on inexpensive visas first? So, if you are a budding traveler, you can plan your road map to minimize your expense on visas and rejection. Choose your next destination based on convenient facts more than the attractive tourist spots, and get moving.

Let’s explore!  

PS: For actual cost of other countries, please contact.

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