Top 5 Countries Indians Travel To

Indians are one of the most avid travelers with uniqueness in their travel habits.  The new age Indians are willing to spend on traveling to explore a foreign land, taking out time from their busy schedule to spend quality time with their family or friends. However, the most go to destinations still remain within Asia or the places that they already know about via relatives and extended relatives. It ends up with an equation of one part exploring and two parts traveling or revisiting. But it’s a start and if you are new to this world of travel, maybe following would be a good start to know where your fellow Indians are travelling the most.


Over the years, Singapore has seen a large influx of Indians for tourism and business purpose. It seems like a wonder, adding to the thought is the fact that all of this is in our neighborhood. Cheap flight tickets, family orientated entertainment and most importantly the country that can be explored in a long weekend trip makes it one of the hotshot destinations for Indians.

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

More than half of the population in Dubai is expatriates (almost 83% is foreign born), the flights are cheap, it’s relatively easy to get tourist visa (for now), gives you a perfect blend of modern, foreign yet homely feeling. Much has been said about the Arabian luxury and grandeur, UAE lives up to it. And that’s why if one wants to travel to Middle East, start from Dubai. Did we mention how Indians are smart travelers too?

United Kingdom

There has been a dip in the outbound flow of Indians but still UK remains one of the eternal favorites. The attraction of British lifestyle, royal palaces and forts is too much to say no to explore. In addition to that, series like Game of Thrones has brought Ireland to limelight and Indians are all up to wander in the land of white walkers.


All time favorite, owing to the new political changes have seen a decline in people moving to the States for work, however, there’s surprising increase of Indian tourists who are applying for US visa. Who can blame them, with an amalgamation of culture, first world experience, beautiful terrains, shocking discipline, and people actually following rules, it’s an adventure in itself!


Thailand is that one place which with years has become equivalent of Goa to Indians. One would think they know every detail about it from your friends, or better yet the movies, but somehow it won’t cease to surprise you each time you visit it. With its pristine clean beaches, to a crowded conundrum of shops and chatter, Thailand may paint a picture of adult fun but there’s so much more to it. There are still unexplored terrains in North which are breathtakingly beautiful.

In short, Indians are raring to go beyond their borders for their traveling expeditions, and these 5 countries top their list at present. We would love to see how the positions change in near future with Australia, France, Cambodia etc.,  bringing in their ‘A’ game with lucrative offers to get Indian travelers visiting their lands.

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