What To Check On Your Visa?

Getting your Visa approved might just be one of the greatest feelings in the world. And you owe yourself a pat on the back but wait, not just yet. Before you start packing your bags, you might want to check if your visa is in fact valid with the right information for your coming trip. Here is a checklist of all the necessary details that should be accurate for you to take the trip.


This specifies the country you will be visiting. Eg. if it’s a Schengen Visa, the country specified will be the one where you are going to spend the most nights in the Schengen zone.

Visa Type

This declares the type of visa i.e. for US – B1/B2 (Tourist), Work visa etc, and Single entry (S) or Multiple Entry(M). Single Entry allows you to enter the country one time whereas multiple entry visa allows you to enter another country multiple times within the validity period of your visa.

Birth Details

Your date of birth and place of birth should match the entries on the passport.


This must be accurate to the best of your knowledge, as it plays an important role when moving to another country.


Your name on the Visa should be exactly the same as what you have on Passport. If you’re a married woman, but your passport doesn’t reflect the same i.e. the surname of your husband, make sure you have filled “Ms” instead of “Mrs” for honorifics.

Passport Number

Verify the passport number on your Visa with Passport number on your Passport.

Travel Dates

Check whether Date of  Issue and Date of Expiry are correct, and your return flight is before the expiry date.

Duration Of Stay

This specifies the days or months for which you can stay in a particular country.


This is the duration within which you can enter the country.


Your purpose of visit should justify the Visa type.


Make sure your nationality reflects as per your current nationality.

Place of Issue

Embassy/consulate that issued your visa.


Make sure the information entered here is accurate.

Visas vary for different countries in terms of what’s being specified for each visa type, so always check for discrepancies as soon as the visa arrives. Look for probable spelling mistakes and disparity in figures. If you encounter any errors, you should contact the respective consulate and get them rectified at the earliest. Visa might be one of the most taxing things while planning an international travel, but once you overcome that huddle, you’ll realize that it’s worth the struggle.


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