Cultural Differences – Cambodia

Cambodia is a small country nestled in the Southeast Asia, away from the hustle and bustle of developing economies or the organized circus of developed nations. Being an Asian country, much of its traditions are easily recognizable and understandable; however, Buddhism playing an influential role in shaping the country’s cultural and societal structure, the lifestyle reflects heavily on the Buddhist principles.


Language serves as a barrier whenever you are going to a new place especially to a country, whose population speak is unilingual, Cambodia holds no exception. Locals aren’t comfortable with English nor Hindi, but greet them with a ‘Namastey’ and you’ll get warm greetings in return. Talking about language, they ascertain strict respect while talking to people belonging to different age groups, and are addressed differently.


Religious sites, expanding greenery, archaeological ruins, local shops, constitute a unique experience for travelers. If that’s all you are expecting, then the capital city is one place you should definitely visit to experience amazing wining and dining.

It might come as a surprise to you that the locals readily accept dollars saving a lot of efforts of money conversions and assist you in a hassle free trip. However, you have to be constantly vigilant, although the people prefer simple living, some extra money from duping tourists is almost acceptable.

Food and Drink

While some nations are still struggling with legalizing and controlling public drinking, Cambodians live their lives, their way. You’ll find cheap alcohol everywhere. It’s more fun than it sounds with on road mobile pubs, loud music and people enjoying drinks without having to worry about taxes. These bar trucks are basically food trucks with alcohol, with the popular dishes of fish, chicken and pork commonly available.

Love Huts

Family values are very high in Cambodian culture, and unique way of choosing a life partner makes it more interesting. You would see many houses having elevated huts beside the house, father of an unmarried girl builds this hut to show family’s readiness for girl’s marriage through this structure. This is the place where girl and a guy meet, and decide whether they would like to become future life partners.

People of Cambodia are extremely welcoming and warm, with their infectious smiles, they will help you witness their glorious culture that comes from a disputed past. The striking poverty and struggling economy may humble you a bit but once you spend time with the locals, you’ll find happiness comes from unexpected places and sometimes people.

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