Selfie Visa is now a reality!

Visa Guide’s first app is now available on Play Store, Dubai Visa by Visa Guide Pvt Ltd . And yes, we are beaming with happiness. As this app has not just made our lives easier by providing a compact and systematic way to handle users Visa applications but has provided a way to help all the travelers wanting to go to Dubai to get rid of the shenanigans of Visa process.

Traveling internationally comes with a lot of baggage (not just literally), you need to take care of Airline tickets, Hotel bookings, finance, places to visit, and Visa among other things. When it comes to getting a Visa, it’s another story altogether, if you have traveled before; then you would know that the documentation required for Visa application takes a toll when it comes to certain countries. Dubai Visa or UAE Visa is relatively simpler to process among other nations like UK, US or Canada.

Their way

Dubai Visa might be undemanding but that still does not solve the problems faced by an individual applying for it in the traditional way.  

If you want to apply for Dubai Visa, you cannot directly submit the application to an Embassy/Consulate, it must go through application centers/travel agencies which poses the problem of meeting or looking for a suitable travel agent/application centre.

Dubai Visa doesn’t require physical documents, the documents need to be scanned and sent digitally which means you need to find a scanner and some time.

The Visa cost ultimately depends on the travel agency or your bargaining power. There are also discrepancies in the rates depending on the exchange rates.

Our way

Dubai Visa by Visa Guide Pvt Ltd addresses the pain points faced during getting a Dubai Visa traditionally and instead provides a faster, better, easier and interesting way to do the same.

You don’t need to look for an application center or meet travel agents, just download an app and you are good to go.

No photo studio, no scanners! All you require is a phone with an internet connection and your passport. Moreover, you can select the photo you want on your Visa, we are talking SELFIES here, finally you can get rid of the age old photo from the studio you don’t remember.

The cost is uniform irrespective of the fluctuation of exchange rates. You are only going to be charged the amount specified on the app.

What’s more, there are exciting offers coming up every now and then, so while you deal with your international travel plans, spend just a minute to apply for Dubai Visa using this app. It usually takes 3-4 working days to process the Visa after you submit application, well, some things don’t ever change, but it’s a start. So, check out the app and experience the difference for yourself, let’s explore!

The app is available on Play Store, spread the love and leave us some feedback.

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