Categories Of Visas

There are several visas that a foreign national may apply for to be lawfully admitted into other country, either temporarily or permanently. The purpose of your travel determines what type of visa is required to you. As an applicant, you have to meet all requirements to receive the category of visa for which you apply. When you apply for visa, a consular officer will determine whether you are eligible to receive a visa, and if so, which visa category is appropriate for you.

Visas are broadly divided into two categories.
1. Immigrant Visa (IV)
2. Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV)

Immigrant Visas:

Immigrant visas are designed for people who wish to make their permanent residence in a new country. An immigrant visa allows the applicant to not only visit but also to seek employment and avail citizenship in the destination country. There are multiple subcategories of immigrant visas; however there are a limited number of these visas available. So, if there is no visa cap available when you apply, you may be placed on a waiting list until a visa cap becomes available. US, Canada, UK, Australia etc have been popular countries for immigration in last decade, but the winds are changing now and other countries too are emerging as favorite destinations for immigration.

Non-Immigrant Visas:

Non-immigrant visas are the mainstream visas and are used for everything ranging from recreational visits to business visits. A non-immigrant visa is issued to a person who wishes to be in other country on a temporary basis for tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study etc. Non-immigrant visas are much easier to obtain and usually do not involve waiting lists. However, many of these visas do not allow you to live and work in the other country for extended periods of time. Instead, these visas are designed to allow visitors to visit other countries for a specific purposes.

It is important to choose the right visa to apply for, whether you are applying for immigrant or non-immigrant visas. Applying for the wrong visa can mean delays in your application or rejection at worst. It is always advisable to connect with the expert to apply for right category of visa to avoid rejection stamp on your passport.

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