What Do You Check Before Traveling Abroad?


Whether you are a regular traveler or a newbie, planning for your international travel demands your undivided attention, even if someone else is doing all the dirty work, isn’t it always there at the back of your mind? If your family or that extended uncle you only speak to once in 5 years haven’t reminded you to take that one thing you wouldn’t require ever, let’s help you remember certain things that you really need to think about once before leaving to explore the unknown.

1. Passport

This will be your identity during the course of your stay in the foreign land. Check the validity of your Passport and go through the details once. Make sure that the validity is within what is required to apply for a Visa or the duration of your journey until you are back to your motherland.

Pro Tip: while you are there, guard it with your life.

2. Flight Tickets

Book flight tickets in advance, if you are worried about the Visa, you can book dummy tickets from the options available online providing this service. However, there are certain countries which require confirmed air tickets, dummies won’t work here. Your return ticket should be within the Visa validity or you might land into another set of problems altogether.

3. Accommodation

Staying at a relative’s place? Hotel? Airbnb? Figure out the accommodation that suits your need, also the need of your Visa. Some countries do not accept Airbnb bookings while filing for Visa.

4. Visa

Applying for Visa could be troublesome only if you don’t know what you are doing. Once you have your flight and hotel bookings in order, your Visa is just a step away. Depending on the Visa type, some more documents might be needed.

Note: You might need to translate some of your legal visa documents, we recommend Day Translations for the same.

5. Travel Insurance

Don’t travel without travel insurance, especially not internationally. If your baggage gets lost in the transit, you won’t be stranded without any hopes, you could always claim the benefits of the insurance if you have one.

6. Forex

Making a budget is easy, sticking to it is the real deal. Once you have decided how much money you can carry, check the currency rate and get your forex before leaving.

7. Sim Card

Internet connection is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s travel world. Communication also brings a sense of safety so depending on the length of your trip, choose a global connection plan that keeps you connected.

These are just some quick pointers that will help you have everything you need in order. Your whole trip can go downhill if any of these goes haywire, so as they say, “Better safe, then sorry”. Right after you decide your next travel destination, go through the above points for a trouble-free trip.

Let’s explore!

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