Visa Processing Time

Has it ever happened with you that you have applied for visa, submitted your documents and they didn’t come back before your travel date? You had to cancel everything and reschedule your travel plan because of this? Well, you are not alone and definitely not the first one to face this situation.

Every country takes certain amount of days to process visa after documents are submitted which is called visa processing time. This time varies from case to case, but it is always possible to calculate an average time and apply for your visa with some buffer in hand. We have divided few countries in various segments to give you heads up on processing time for your application. Here’s a list of processing time for few of the frequently traveled countries!

1-7 Business Days

These countries are fast in processing applications and sometimes majority of their economy runs on tourism. They provide visa in less than 7 business days post application submission. However, it is important to note that the business days are calculated as per the laws of their country, eg. Friday and Saturday are weekend in UAE, so their business days would be Sunday to Thursday.

Country Approximate number of days for processing
Sri Lanka 2 (sometimes less than few hours)
UAE (Dubai) 4-5 (expedite processing is available)
Singapore 3-4
Malaysia 1 (most of the time less than an hour)
Thailand 4-5
France 3-4
US 3-4
Japan 3-4
Kenya 4-5
Mexico 2-3
Russia 6-7
South Africa 5-6

8-20 business days

There countries take longer to complete the verification of documents and processing of visa. Most of the Schengen nations fall in this segment.

Country Approximate number of days for processing
Czech Republic 10-15
Poland 8-12
Switzerland 8-12
Italy 12-20
Germany 8-15
Philippines 4-5
Spain 14-16

More Than 3 weeks

These countries take the longest to validate documents and send passports back with an approved or rejected status. However, some doesn’t keep your passport (eg. Australia), so while the process is going on for those countries, you can still travel to others.

Country Approximate time for processing
Australia 4-6 weeks
UK 3-4 weeks (in normal process, they do have expedite processing though)
Canada 4-6 weeks

The list is dynamic and long with more than 180 countries in the world to explore. It is always advisable to get information on processing time before you apply for visa, sometimes these minute things can put your plans into jeopardy. We hope this blog helps you next time, feel free to contact us to get information on countries which are not part of this article, we would be more than happy to provide you visa information of every other nation.

Let’s explore!

Disclaimer: All the timing mentioned in this article are for tourism visa. For individual country of application, it may vary as per source country. Certain nationalities would not require visa for many countries, please check before you travel though.


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