How Early Can You Apply For A Visa?

Early bird gets the worm, true..but what about the worm? From worm’s perspective, its choice of timing was a disaster!

Well, keeping our funny side away, we want to get back to today’s topic of discussion, “How early one can apply for visa?”. We spoke about processing times that various countries take to complete your visa application process post submission in previous article, you can revise the article here. That blog was around the question as to “how early one should apply for visa?” keeping travel plan in mind. Today’s article focuses on how early the bird (read embassies) allows you (worm? Or may be not!) to apply for visa so that it is a hassle less experience for both the parties.

Here is the list that gives you an idea as to how many days prior to your actual travel date can you apply for your tourist visas.

Country Can apply before (in days)
UAE (Dubai) 58
Sri Lanka 30
Singapore 30
Malaysia 90
Thailand 30
Czech Republic 90
France 90
Swiss 90
Italy 90
Germany 90
UK 90
Canada 90
Japan 30

Disclaimer: All the timing mentioned in this article are for tourism visa. For individual country of application, it may vary as per source country. Certain nationalities would not require visa for many countries, please check before you travel though. Please connect with us to know about other countries that are not part of this list.

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