Do You Need Physical Documents For Visa?

“Digitization is the key to transformation.”

We are moving towards a digital era where everything from your food to your government registration card can be applied online. With larger population being able to access internet, and higher literacy among people about digital world, going online is surely the way you want to take. And so, this leads us to our today’s blog topic, “Do you really have to submit physical documents for your visa process?”

Well, not always, not for every country. Even though many countries are still accepting applications with the requirement of hard copies, most of the countries are moving to online visa applications, which are easier, smoother and faster. But even today, some middlemen try to collect the physical copies of documents when they are not necessary, this is a direct breach of your security as some of these documents are very critical.


This article gives you an idea as to which countries need physical documents and which already has online processes in place for tourism visas.

Physical Documents Required:
These countries still needs you to submit at least your original passport (beside other documents) as a proof in hard copy.

Moved To Online:
These are the countries which allows you to submit visa applications without asking for hard copies.
We Are Different:
These countries have slightly different processes, we would call them semi-digitized.
United Kingdom – Applicants themselves need to carry physical copy of the documents
United States Of America – Applicants themselves need to carry physical copy of the documents
Australia – Applicants need to provide documents but do have have to submit passport

Planning to travel to a country which is not part of this list? No need to worry, just connect with us and we will let you know about current situation.

Let’s explore!

Disclaimer: This article is written by keeping Indian passport holders in mind, for other nationalities the processes may vary. In terms of sticker visa for countries having eVisa, the process may be different than the one’s mentioned here. The data is obtained in October 2017, and may be different during other time period.

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