How To Apply For Malaysia Visa?

Malaysia, the country that truly captures the mood and flavors of Asia is placed on 9th position in the world for tourist arrivals. With an amazing diversity of cultures, festivals, traditions and customs, Malaysia does offer a great experience to travelers visiting this country. It is but obvious to have easy visa policies in place to handle such huge inflow of people. Of course, travelers do talk about troubles faced due to discrepancies in visa, but those are small hiccups, and our blog for today is not focused on it. Today we are going to talk about Malaysia visa and how to apply for it.

Applying for Malaysia eVisa or eNTRI visa might seem like a tedious task, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. One can follow this step by step guide to apply for their Malaysian visa.


Travelers need to keep certain documents ready before starting with their application. One can find document list here Visa Guide – Fast Visa Application Processing | Top Visa & Immigration Consultants 


  1. Go to Window Malaysia website and select to apply for online visa application.
  2. Register by clicking on “I’m New” to start your application process by providing your passport details.
  3. You will receive an email for verification, verify it to proceed further.
  4. Login to your account and choose a specific category (Indian and Chinese nationals can apply for eNTRI visa to Malaysia).
  5. Upload the required documents in a specific manner on the portal.
  6. Make the payments.
  7. An eVisa/eNTRI visa note will be issued, this needs to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia.
  8. Whole process in detail can be found here, select Malaysia as destination country.

It is important to keep following things in mind before applying for this visa.

  • It is a Single entry visa.
  • One can stay for a maximum period of 30 days only (there are two options, one for 15 days and one for 30 days).
  • No extensions are allowed on this visa.
  • eNTRI facility are available from April 1st, 2017 until March 31st 2018 for all Indian nationals in India and expatriates residing all over the world excluding Singapore.
  • eNTRI visa can be availed by those travelling to Malaysia from India or via Singapore, Thailand and Brunei only, the same is applicable for the return journey from  these countries (for Indian travelers).
  • Cost of this visa is $20 (for 15 days) and $25 (for 30 days) as on November 8, 2017.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Malaysia!

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