Cultural Differences – Vietnam

The South East Asian country known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. It had been off the maps for many years, and away from the eyes of tourists till wanderers reached its shores to find unimaginable beauty of nature. We are talking about Vietnam! The country that has seen it all, but most of us have seen or heard little about it. Let’s talk about some characteristics of Vietnamese culture today.



Language serves as a barrier in most of the South East Asian countries, Vietnam is no exception. Locals take pride in doing daily transactions in Vietnamese. The language is made out of different vocals and tones along with syllables. Even though country’s younger population is trying to learn global language like English, it has still not reached a stage where linguistic skills of locals would impresses you.


Triple religion is the term that has become famous in Vietnam. It is mostly mix of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The most unique part about Vietnamese religious belief is that they worship their ancestors, locals normally have small shrines in their homes where they remember their ancestors and share their thoughts with them.

Party Lovers

If you like to party then Vietnam is your destination. From underground clubs of NhaTrang to backpacker street of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam has variety of things to offer for party lovers. Try local clubs while you are there, trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Along with local hit melodies, you would be able to hear most popular song lists in the clubs. This is one country where you may find men dancing on stage as enthusiastically as women, and it is accepted well unlike many other countries.


You may not find police or other authorities as warm as other folks, but then isn’t it same everywhere? However, it is worth noting that government does make sure that people get to spend quality time in the evenings and weekends. There are places in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh where roads are blocked from certain hours to certain hours to make sure that people can indulge in variety of fun and family related activities on roads during this time. You may find outdoor gymming equipment in cities that can be used by anyone to stay healthy and fit.

People of Vietnam are extremely welcoming and friendly, though there are language barriers; it doesn’t really stop them from making you feel most comfortable in their country. They are ready to help a traveler by going out of their way, sometimes more than expected. Our take? You have not seen entire Asia till you have been to Vietnam!

Special thanks to Mr.Nirmal Topiwala for helping us in drafting this article.

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