Visa On Arrival – 5 Things You Should Know

What is the next best thing that you can get after ‘Visa Free’ travel?…Yes, it is ‘Visa On Arrival’!

The most important difference between Visa Free entry and Visa On Arrival is that in Visa Free entry you can enter the country without a visa for a specified period of time called landing permission (usually); whereas in Visa On Arrival you need a visa to enter inside a country but can obtain it when you show up at the port of entry.

Visa On Arrival sounds like an easy-peasy stuff right? It indeed is! However, you need to keep certain things in mind before you opt for Visa On Arrival, or you may face a scenario where you are deported back to your homeland.

Port Of Entry
Many of the times it is observed that Visa On Arrival can only be obtained through particular port of entries. It is important to know that your arrival destination has immigration facility available for Visa On Arrival process, else you will not be allowed to enter into the country.

Did You Carry Your Documents?
Even to get Visa On Arrival, travelers do have to show certain documents. Following list is the most general list of documents that countries ask for to grant a Visa On Arrival, don’t forget to carry photocopies.
– Passport
– Photographs
– Flight tickets
– Proof of sufficient funds
– Hotel bookings (mostly optional)

Rules (Made To Follow)
It is important to know the rules of Visa On Arrival process as it defers for every country. You need to make sure that you are eligible to enter inside a country with Visa On Arrival process. If not, well then you already know the end results.

Time – Good To Have
Mostly Visa On Arrival process would take anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Please keep enough time between your forward journey and arrival time, you don’t want miss your next bus to the beach cause of process delays.

Money Money Money
Visa On Arrival is not necessarily free always, you will have to pay for the visa. At times, it is more expensive than getting an eVisa or stamped visa from your home country. Make sure you have the currency in which immigration department accepts the visa fees, else it may just delay your entire visa process.

That’s all for today folks, hope you are much more prepared to tackle your next Visa On Arrival after reading this blog.

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