Old Passport..Why Should You Keep It?

“My goal is to run out of pages in my passport”

Okay, great..such quotes are seen on social media page of every other person whose hobby is travel. But what happens next? What after you actually run out of pages in your passport? What are you supposed to do then or with your old passport? Do you need it? Or should you just discard it? So many questions come up once you reach to that point, so much confusion but no clear answers. Today, we are trying to give clarity on some common doubts regarding old passport and why it is important to preserve it.

What is passport?

A passport is a travel document, issued by a country’s government, which certifies the identity and nationality of its holder in most cases and primarily used and required for the purpose of international travel. But is it only a travel document? It is much more! Let’s see it in subsequent sections.

Why do you need to preserve the old passport?

We can give more than one reason here.

  • Officially the only reason why you may need your old passport is when it contains any visas that are still valid. Even when your passport expires, it is possible that the visas in it are still valid to use.
  • In the event when you lose your current passport in foreign country, your old passport makes the process of obtaining a replacement passport much easier.
  • An expired passport continues to be a form of ID even if it is no longer usable for travel, it continues to provide proof of citizenship (in some countries).
  • When you are applying for PR in another country (eg. Australia), they ask about documents that shows your travel history, old passport acts as a perfect document in such cases.
  • Acts as a memory of all those beautiful experiences abroad.

Do you need to carry your old passport for your next trip abroad?

No, not always. But yes, if there are valid visas on old passport.

  • Some countries do allow you to transfer a valid visa from a cancelled passport to a new one, in that case you wouldn’t require to carry your old passport.
  • Some countries allow you to enter the country carrying both a cancelled passport with a valid visa and a new passport.
  • But most countries want to know the details of previous visas that you had for the same or different country when you apply for a new visa.

You will need to keep your old passport handy so you can refer back to your old visas if required.

What happens to valid visas in old passport?

It is safe to assume that any visas on your old passport are not valid for travel when your passport expires or is cancelled.

  • In general, all the visas inside an expired or cancelled passport are automatically cancelled as well.
  • But as mentioned in previous segment, several countries that issue long-term multiple entry visas would allow you to use the visa on your old passport or will allow you to transfer it to the new passport.

We would recommend to transfer the visa to a new passport whenever possible to avoid future hassles, in which case you won’t have to carry old passport with you.

Passport, visas and travel will always have thousand of unanswered questions; and we are here to answer all of them through various digital media channels. We strongly feel that wanderlust shouldn’t be restricted due to incomplete documents, cause we believe in, “The world is your oyster, go explore”.

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