Cultural Differences – France

On a Friday evening, we were sitting with a glass of Merlot and croissants discussing about plans for this month, when somebody mentioned that it’s been a while since we talked about Cultural Differences of any country, how about we write something in this month’s blog? Without a second thought, decision was made, France was the chosen one! Not sure whether settlement on France was due to the lovely evening or the beverages we were having that originated from this country. But whatever may be the reason, we are sure you will enjoy reading this article thoroughly.

Kissing..A Whole Lot Of It!

The country famous for it’s love filled bise doesn’t shy away from showing affection in public. French ‘kiss’ is perhaps the most eminent cultural difference and is one part of French culture that may take the most time to get used to. French people usually greet others with a peck on cheek, this is mostly done the first and last time you see someone in a day, and in informal and friendly situations.

Dogs Are Love

You will see dogs everywhere in France’s major cities. On the train, in shops, on the streets, dogs are welcome in more public places in France than one can imagine. Playing with dogs isn’t considered taboo, but make sure you have owners permission before you do so.

Pro Tip: Watch where you step to avoid stepping in dog poo.

Let’s Talk About Food

The French have a saying about meals: “At breakfast, we eat like kings. At lunch, like lords. At dinner, like servants.” French bakeries are world famous, most bakeries bake patisseries and cakes constantly throughout the day, we challenge you to resist the delights of freshly baked French bread. Mostly bread is served with almost every meal, the meal would consist of several courses majority of times.

Pro Tip: Europe has stricter laws about preservatives in their food, packaged food from same company back home may taste very different in France.

Airing Out

In most part of Europe, windows usually do not have screens. You are expected to open window everyday for about 15-20 minutes to get some air circulating. Do not do this without proper instruction though, or you might freeze during winters in the name of following processes.

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By the way, did we tell you that you should never use “Madame” with a first name (ex: Madame Jessica)? No? Well, now we are! Usage of Madame with first name implies that the person is the owner of a brothel. So unless that’s what you’re going for, it’s always Madame + last name. Thank us later!

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