Schengen Visa – A Complete Guide

Europe, one of the most culturally reach and scenic destination of the world has something to offer for every type of traveler, be it the exquisite cuisine or beautiful landscapes, long literature debates or music festivals, food & wine or serene beaches, it never disappoints you. Traveling inside Europe has become easy due to the establishment of Schengen area and EU movement but to reach Europe on a proper visa is still a daunting task for many nationalities.

In this article, we have covered step by step process that will uncomplicate the journey to Europe for all our fellow travelers.

Type Of Visa

You need to apply for a Schengen tourist visa to visit Europe. This visa allows you move freely in 26 Schengen states without any restriction. There are other countries in Europe for which you would require a separate visa for those countries. Please find the segregation of Schengen states with EU nations in the image shown here.

Choosing The Country For Visa Application

Application of Schengen visa depends on following conditions:

  • Your port of entry
  • Number of nights you plan to stay in a country

You need to apply for a Schengen visa for the country where you plan to spend the maximum number of nights (you have to show it in your itinerary, which is a mandatory requirement for application).

If in case you plan to spend the same number of nights in two or more countries, then, in that case, you need to apply for the visa for the country of port of entry (eg. if you plan to enter from France, then apply in French embassy/consulate/application center).

To summarize, there is no country that gives you an easier access compared to other countries, every country has an almost similar process for application.

Time To Process

Once the country for visa application is decided, it is important to find out the time its embassy/consulate/application center takes to complete the entire visa process after document submission. Every Schengen state has different processing times, some of them are mentioned below.

France: 3-4 business days
Italy:     5-7 business days
Czech Republic: 10-12 business days

At times they may take more days and might even call you for a personal interview. It is safe to say that an application submitted before 30 days of travel date would keep you stress-free.

Documents Required

The list of documents are similar for almost every Schengen country, but the variation would come depending on the type of case that we have in hand. E.g. an employed person will require a different set of documents as compared to a self-employed person. You can find the list of documents on this portal. You need to select your nationality country and destination country, based on the selection the list of documents would be displayed on the screen.

Do not worry, the portal is completely free, developed and maintained by travelers and travelpreneurs, it has many more details under various sections.

Is It Difficult To Apply?

Not at all. Not only Schengen visa but any other visa, none of them are difficult to obtain as long as you are following processes well. It is a myth that getting a visa for certain countries is difficult, the truth is, it is not. What scares people is the tedious processes and that tingling feeling at the back of your mind ‘whether you have done it right or not’.

Just make sure while applying, you are going the legal way, you have all required documents in place, and you apply with a proper time frame in hand. Make use of this portal, trust us, it will simplify your life and visa processes.

Hope this quick guide helps you in planning your next trip to Europe, feel free to connect with us if you have doubts regarding any part of the process, our Guiders are always eager to help!

Note: This article was written by keeping Indian travelers in mind but it can be used as a reference for other nationalities too. 

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