How To Improve Visa Approval Chances – Part 2

Last time we spoke about few tricks for improving your chances of getting the visas in this blog. This time, we are sharing our magic sauce again with a few more secrets that will make your life easier. So tighten your seatbelts, because we are taking you on the ride in the visa world of ours.

Talk About Relatives/Friends

Having a relative or a friend in a foreign country is a boon, as most of your stay hassles are removed due to their presence. Giving their reference during the visa application may improve your chances if your relatives/friends are living in the destination country legally and can provide documents around it, else it is a red flag. This varies from the country to country also, taking expert help is advisable.

Sponsors Are Relatives

Many times it happens that you show someone else sponsoring your trip. Make sure that the person who is sponsoring your travel is your blood relative, anyone else doing so may reduce your chances of getting a visa.

Go Yourself Wherever Required

There are countries where visa companies can submit your application on your behalf, but there are many countries where you improve your chances of getting a visa if you submit your application yourself. Make sure you take expert guidance before giving away your documents to your tour operator for visa application submission.

Clean Records

Your criminal records back home will reduce your chances in getting a visa for other countries too, so being a good citizen in your home country does come with an additional perk, follow the rules and make sure your records are clean before applying for the visa.

And that’s how we help travelers realize their dreams of exploring various places around the globe. There are many more ideas/points/parameters that we need to check/work on while applying for the visa to improve the chances of approval, but we shall keep it for some other day. Till then, happy travels!

4 thoughts on “How To Improve Visa Approval Chances – Part 2”

  1. I have funds in my account but its fixed deposit..not as money in saving account…i have sufficient funds for visitor visa..can i show my fds plz suggest me..should i liquify my fd for saving…that will be count as fresh funds..old .plz reply

    1. Please accept our apologies for the delay in sending the response, for quicker responses you can write to us at .

      It depends on the country of application. Some countries do allow you to show the investments like FD or assets to prove that you have sufficient amount to sponsor your travel, but some countries do not. It will be recommended to check for the rules for the country once the country of application is decided.

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