How To Plan For Multiple Visas?

A veteran once said, ‘When it comes to the visa, expect the worst.’ Applying for a single visa for the travelers whose passport index (passport strength) is weak is a tedious experience itself, imagine what would happen if they have to apply for a multiple country’s visas for a single trip, beyond imagination right?
Well, we have shared in earlier blogs as to how one can travel to multiple countries if they have a visa for the US, you can read the article here. But let’s say, there arises a situation where there is no other option than to apply for multiple visas then here is what you need to do.

The first thing to keep in mind while applying for multiple visas is the time taken to process each country’s visa. Make sure you have enough buffer time in hand as it may happen that a particular embassy/consulate take more time to make a decision on approval/rejection, in this case, your next visa may face scarcity of time.


It is better to be prepared than sorry. Document preparation takes the major amount of time while applying for the visa as the traveler has to fetch various different documents from various different sources. What makes a difference is a planned preparation. Many of the documents required are common across countries for visa requirements, e.g. passport, employment proof etc, one can keep it ready in soft copy for reuse. It would be wise to keep the set of the document for second country ready while the processing for the first one is under progress.


Plan B
Nobody can give you a guarantee of an approved visa. So what happens when you have to apply for multiple visas and one of them gets rejected? Well, your whole trip falls into uncertainty and many times monetary losses are incurred. It is advisable to keep extra time in hand for the re-application or a different plan in the case where the worst happens, so as to avoid canceling your dream trip.


We hope these points help you in getting your visas for all the countries that you are planning to travel on your next trip. We are just a call away in case if you need a further expert solution on your visas or anything related to it. Don’t shy away from connecting with us, we love to help!

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