I can’t get Philippines visa. What’s next?

You are excited about your trip to the serene beaches and surreal seascapes of Phillippines, but at the last minute, you realize that you are unable to get your visa due to the lack of time to complete the process, or due to the incomplete documents or the worst case scenario, your visa got rejected. What to do next? How do you still ensure that you are able to go on the dream vacation that you have planned for yourself? This blog answers the question specifically with the alternatives available to make that trip happen.

Do you have a visa for any of these countries?

Philippines government allows the travelers to enter their country if the traveler has a valid visa of the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore or Schengen states.

  • Indian travelers can use either of these countries visa to visit the Philippines even if they have not used or traveled on the visa to the issuing country, please note that the traveler will have to mention the reasons for the change in plans at immigration in the Philippines.
Not enough time or documents?

An alternative to the Philippines visa is a Singapore or Japan visa if you do not have enough time to process the Philippines visa. Both these countries provide visa decision in 3-5 business days after submission of your application.

  • The process is much easier and documentation is limited for Singapore as compared to the Philippines visa.
  • The cost of the Singapore visa is lesser than the Philippines visa.

Getting a Philippines visa is tedious but with these options at your disposal, you will not have to cancel your trip due to visa woes.

We still recommend travelers to plan their trip well in advance and apply for a visa for the country where they are planning to travel to; so that they do not face the visa problems any time during their trip.

Note: This blog article is written for the reference purpose only, we recommend travelers to check the latest rules around the visas before making their travel plans.

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