Most Important Document For Visa

What is the most important thing when it comes to a visa process? It is your documents, and how they justify the reason for your trip to give the confidence to the authorities that you will return back to your home country once that reason is satisfied. There isn’t a single document with which one can confidently say that with this piece of document, there is a guarantee that you will receive a visa. It is majorly a combination of the documents and consideration of edge cases that improve your chances of an approval. We are making an attempt from our experience to understand the trend of each country and what they give the most importance to when it comes to the visa process.

Country Important Document As Per Trend
United States of America Application form, travel history, and the invitee
Canada Travel history, bank balance, and the invitee
United Kingdom Bank balance
Australia Bank balance and itinerary
New Zealand Bank balance, itinerary and marriage certificate (if honeymoon)
Schengen countries Travel itinerary and cover letter
Singapore Photographs and cover letter
Malaysia Photo specification
Thailand Bank balance or credit card limits

So, we can’t single out a document that can be crowned as a winner here, but then this blog was not written for that purpose.

This article is written purely with the intention of sharing the inclination of individual countries when it comes to the documents for the visa process based on our observation, it should only be used for reference purposes.

Every case is different when it comes to the visa processes, travelers need to prepare the case file according to the requirements, their location and purpose of travel, the requirements for 80+ countries can be found on our platform.

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