Dubai Visa On Arrival – Decoded

Dubai visa on arrival is one of the most talked topics in the travel fraternity lately. There are so many questions that travelers have around the process, documents, fees etc. But there is not a single authentic and trustworthy article that explains all these points in detail. We, at Visa Guide, realized this and thought to take a trip ourselves to experience the entire process ourselves and share our story with you.

What happens in India?

We were confident that the visa on arrival for Dubai is applicable if the holder has a valid visa from the US.

  • At the gates, we showed our flight tickets, we were allowed to enter inside without any questions.
  • At the boarding counter, the airline personnel checked our passport for the valid US visa and made sure we have a return flight ticket to issue us a boarding pass.
  • At immigration, the validity of our visa was checked and usual questions were asked about our travel plans before putting an immigration stamp on the passport.

Dubai touchdown

We were not sure how things would go here as the visa on arrival concept was known to us but the anxiety that every traveler feels was still prevailing. Here is the stepwise process that you need to follow to get an on arrival visa at Dubai airport.

  • The first thing you need to do is to find out Marhaba counter, it is opposite to the immigration counters. This is where they will capture your travel document (passport) information.
  • Provide your passport with a valid US visa to them, they will verify it and give you the receipt along with a barcode sticker on the receipt. Please ensure that you keep this with you till the end of your travel.
  • The fees for the visa on arrival is 121 dirhams (and not 100 dirhams). You can make payments via card or cash. Do note that they only accept local currency if the payment is being made in cash. All international cards are accepted on the counter.
  • Next step is to go to immigration counter with this receipt, the officers will verify your US visa, the Marhaba receipt and check the barcode. Once the verification is complete, they will ask you basic questions about your stay to ensure your purpose of travel is genuine, and then they will put an entry stamp on your passport.
  • The whole process takes 15-20 minutes, it is quite smooth and easy.

Points to ponder

  • All type of valid US visas is accepted for obtaining the visa on arrival service on Dubai airport.
  • The UK and Schengen visas are sometimes not accepted. Our recommendation would be to obtain a UAE visa beforehand if you plan to obtain a visa on arrival on the UK or Schengen visa, as they may not be accepted.
  • Your passport and the US visa has to be valid for at least 6 months, if either of this condition is not met, you will not be granted the visa on arrival.
  • A return flight ticket is a mandatory requirement to obtain a visa on arrival option at Dubai airport.
Hope this blog article clarifies all the doubts, do share with us if there is any point that we missed, it might help fellow travelers.

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