Business Or Leisure Travel: Which Documents You Need To Carry With Visa?

You received your visa for your most important business trip, but what is next? Is the visa enough to travel? What all documents you need to carry along with an approved visa to be allowed to cross the immigration? We are trying to answer all these (and many more) questions through this blog for business and leisure travelers.

Which Documents You Need To Carry (Beside Visa & Passport)

  • If you are invited for business, keep a printout of invitation letter, invitee passport copy and company (your company) covering letter
  • If it is an e-visa, you are advised to print the copy of your e-visa or stamped visa (preferably a color print)
  • Have proof of sufficient funds ready along with the visa. Credit cards, ATM cards, traveler’s cheque etc can be considered as a proof of funds for the trip
  • Keep your return flight tickets along with accommodation proof ready to show to the immigration officers at the entry & exit point (if asked)
  • If you are going to an event, carry a print out of conference/exhibition/training program confirmation and/or invitation
  • If you are going on a work visa, keep a copy of your petition/work visa documents
  • If you are carrying more than allowed forex, then keep a certificate from customs allowing you to carry the extra forex before crossing immigration

You Need To Ensure That

  • You comply with all the conditions (validity, duration etc) stated on your visa or approval letter
  • You check the entry & exit stamps after crossing immigration
  • You are not exploiting the purpose of your visa, e.g. you can not work on a visitor/business visa
  • You leave the country before your visa expires, if you intend to stay longer, you must apply for another visa before the existing visa expires

Did we miss anything? Let us know if there is any other point that you would like to get clarity on or would like to add to this list, it will help other travelers.

Whether you are a business or an individual traveler, connect with us for all your visa related requirements, we assure you an experience of service excellence through clarity and convenience.

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