Most Common Mistakes Made By Travelers – Part 2

Thank you for showering us with your love (and feedback) on the first part of this blog, it was overwhelming to see many travelers emailing us with their experiences of silly mistakes they made during their travels, so many of you could connect with the article.

In the previous part, we explored the common mistakes travelers make related to passport and flight tickets. Today, we will be talking about the errors that happen in visas, documents and immigration during travels.


Wrong details on the visa

Did you check your visa after receiving it? It is quite possible that the visa copy has incorrect details mentioned on it. It is advisable to check the visa once you receive it, raise the issue with the authorities if you find any of the information incorrect.

Getting stuck in a transit country

This is another common mistake/problem travelers make/face. To get cost-effective flight tickets, travelers end up booking flights through countries where they need a transit visa (usually unaware of the fact). Always ensure that you check the transit country rules before booking the ticket and obtain a transit visa whenever needed.


Unprepared for the immigration questions

Immigration officials have all the right to stop you from traveling if they find your travel plan suspicious. If you are not a resident of the city of your departure, you may be asked more questions.

Special days at immigration/security

On the national holidays (e.g.independence day) when everyone is rejoicing in the spirit of the holiday, the immigration & security personnel would be having stringent checking procedures. Try to avoid these days to travel if you don’t like to wait in long queues.


Forgetting the printouts of documents

So many times we hear travelers mentioning that they forgot to carry the printout of their visa (or other documents) and were made to run around the airport to get it. It is a very common scenario in airports, especially in the case of countries that offers eVisas. Make sure you are not the one facing it the next time.

Forgot to keep marriage certificate

Are you traveling with your spouse, but their name is not mentioned on the passport? Ensure that you carry a photocopy or have a digital copy of the marriage certificate with you to avoid hassles at immigration.

Not having the documents on the day of travel

Ever happened that you panicked cause you were unable to find your passport on the day of travel? Well, most certainly you are not alone. Do check your documents at least a day or two prior to your travel date.


Wrong hotel bookings

Highly common amongst people traveling for long durations. Do keep in mind the check-in and check-out times of hotels along with the date of the booking before embarking on the journey.

Inadequate insurance policy cover

People often ignore the timezone differences while getting insurance. You should always take insurance for an additional day to cover and insure yourself against the timezones’ miscalculations.

Out of forex

Going out of the forex is very common during a trip. Plan and calculate your needs well before traveling, keeping a little extra forex never hurts. A quick note, do keep the currency of your transit country too, many of the airports do not transact in any other currency but their own, check this before traveling.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helps you with your future travel plans. Share your experiences of silly mistakes that you made while traveling on, you never know, we may feature it on our platform (wink).

Happy traveling!

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