What To Do After Your Visa Is Rejected?

Rejection in any situation hurts, and when it is for one of the most awaited trips of your life, it hurts more. Imagine the results of visa rejection on your business, the thought brings a chill to the spine. But this is the harsh reality of life (read the travel industry), visas get rejected. Even when every document of yours is perfect, your intent and motive for the trip are clear and you are most confident of the approval, the visa gets rejected. So what is that you can do after receiving the rejection? Here are some of the options.

Understand, Evaluate and Consult

The most important thing is to identify, understand and correct the rejection reasons. Most of the countries do not tell you the exact reason, so to understand the right reason for rejection, it is recommended to take the help of experts.


Reapplication of the visa application is one of the options, however, we only suggest to reapply if there is a substantial amount of change in the conditions/circumstances. At the same time, reapplication should be submitted with additional documents supporting your case along with the reason for the previous rejection. For some countries, there needs to be a specific timeframe between two applications, for others, you can apply immediately.


If you think the consular officer may have overlooked certain documents and the reason for your visa rejection is not legit, you can always appeal against the decision. The re-appeal should be done after a thorough understanding of the rejection reason and supported by concrete reasons/documents.


Another option is to apply for the visa of a country that allows you to travel to your destination country without visas or with limited visa procedures. E.g. Let’s say your visa to the Philippines is rejected. In this scenario, you can apply for a Singapore visa which allows you to visit the Philippines by availing a visa-on-arrival on the Phillipinnean airport, assuming the Singapore visa is approved.

Did you know you can travel to 30+ countries with a valid US visa, read about it here.

Change Of Route

Some countries allow you to opt for a visa on arrival if your arrival is from a specific country, these keep changing though and might be applicable in extremely rare scenarios.

One More For Students Only

Applying for a shorter course before going for a long-term student visa may increase your chances, it is an option that many study abroad experts too suggest to students whose visa is rejected.

There may be more options available exclusively to your case depending on the country of application and reason for rejection, connect with us via call/email to get detailed guidance around it.

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