Why are we VISA.GUIDE?

Sunday, December 4, 2016 (on 84th day from our ‘start of work’ date and 35th day from our ‘inception’) marked our official launch! We have moved from being a Private Limited Company just 35 days ago and have now set sail for a world of innovative services to bring to you!

So, after our launch, we received lot of questions regarding our operations, revenue model, marketing strategy and so on. But one question amongst all these question was common, that is ‘Why are we visa.guide?’ Some of them literally asked us ‘Is it visa.guide.com?’ And when we said with the largest grin and gleeful eyes ‘No, it’s just visa.guide, .guide is our domain and not .com’, we could only see puzzled faces and at times sorry ones. And so, we decided to write this article which shows rationality of the decision to be VISA.GUIDE and not VISAGUIDE.COM.

So why VISA DOT GUIDE anyway?

  1. Getting ready for the next wave of internet searching!

    One of our core value is innovation. Trust, innovation and adventure. There are plenty of .com out there, just like plenty of Visa Consultancy companies. One of our commitments is to enhance the way you travel. From the visa application process to using our app driven approach which will entail many new features to come.

    We also wanted to make a statement and join the ranks of del.icio.us , insight.ly, hug.me, and many others in being ahead of the curve especially as .com domains are shrinking. It’s time to get innovative.

  2. Finding a Catchy Name

    ● One of the most difficult task for entrepreneurs is to find a catchy domain name that will be easily found by their target audience. Our whole industry is dedicated to .com real estate, anything which is not .com is considered different, and, we wanted to make sure that we are…different.
    ● The domain extensions in our business category provides a chance for business to stand out in big way. This also helps in optimizing the page for search engines, increasing traffic to website with lesser efforts.
    ● Web is overpopulated with top-level domains such as .com, .net, .in, .co, .edu etc.Anything new beside these brings in fresh perspective in industry. Honestly, we wanted to break stereotype of having one of these common domain names, with flexibility to choose our own domain, .guide seemed apt for our venture. Plus we didn’t want to be that company which throws away large chunk of money to .com players just to buy domain. That did not sound like an intelligent business decision at this point, just to throw away money when we can utilize it in other ways to give our early adopters awesome experience.
    ● Domain .guide defines goals and vision of Visa Guide as a company. Visa Guide deals with visas in travel industry, for any travel purpose from business to tourism, student to immigration, you name it, we have it. We call ourselves ‘Guiders’ of visa processing and application, so the
    name Visa Guide and domain visa.guide sounded like a perfect idea.

  3. Onward & Upward

    One of the things that we pride ourselves on is our international team of members who are constantly watching out for trends, helpful resources and guides as the changes in VISA process may affect you.

    We are keeping a tab on international politics and how that may affect the state of student visas in the United States.

    The moment we launched, we wanted to be a trusted resource in the industry to serve you better. We are truly grateful for the support of countless individuals who made this happen.

    We can come up with thousand more reasons to justify ourselves but in our opinion it’s best to keep you wondering as to why we would go with such out of the box domain name. Time will say whether it was a right decision or we will have to migrate to .com like everyone, but for now, we are excited and happy to be a part of this adventure called Visa Guide with an unconventional domain name visa.guide.

    PS: One of the reason for selecting .guide is because we can introduce ourselves as Visa Guide, Visa-Dot-Guide…just like Bond, James Bond. Well, it’s all about our love for 007.


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