Immigration Ban : Don’t Get Trumped!

Trump Travel Ban
“Let’s make America great again!”

Mr.President has started his journey in White House with a ‘ban’. It has shook the world, but we could see mixed responses around the globe on this decision taken by Donald Trump lead government. Some countries are condemning the ban while as others are following the suit and banning other countries (Kuwait banned five Muslim majority countries). This blog gives information on banned countries, correlation with other countries and current situation on this proposal.

The country which is planning to become great again had banned travelers from seven countries to enter USA on January 27, 2017 citing terrorism as a reason, this controversial 90-day ban had been put on travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. We could see uproar at lot of places saying the ban represents action against Islam. However, according to our research, Trump government had banned countries which are facing violence & refugee crisis at present, and not the countries with highest Muslim population (Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria are the countries with highest population who follows Islam). The call has created tremors due to ‘Islamo Phobia’ of Donald Trump, though it is too early to relate it with anything, with unpredictable nature of Mr.President this is an alarming situation for thousands of people residing in America.

Good news for all the immigrants at this point is that the ban has been revoked on February 4, 2017 by a federal judge in Washington state. This is seen as a setback for White House and a challenge to Trump’s authority – and ability to fulfill campaign promises. Immigrants and refugee intake was on halt on lot of airports of USA, but for now it has been started again and things are working as they were earlier with much more precautions in place. Additionally, corporate giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, AirBnB, Facebook, Uber, Netflix and many more (total 127 companies till now) has joined the forces to oppose Donald Trump’s immigration ban by filing an appeal in San Francisco circuit court on February 6, 2017, this can be seen as a relief package for immigrant employees working with these firms.

Our take on this whole scenario is that it would be very difficult for Trump administration to over rule federal judge’s decision, however we can not neglect the existence of loopholes in system which may work in Trump’s favor. We would suggest our readers to prepare for their visits before hand and take assistance from experts before they plan to travel to United States of America to avoid any hindrances. Trump can become a bump in your visit, don’t be left behind or deported back from airports, better to be safe than sorry.

A circus of bans is going to be around for a while, travelling can become tricky in these times, but it is still going to be one of the best things to do in this year. Just be cautious and don’t get Trumped!

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