Canada! The Next Destination For Immigrants

Canada has always been a country that attracted immigrants, and with the current affairs of the world it is becoming most suitable country for immigration and settlement. So, what makes Canada an ideal place to migrate? One of the many reasons for high immigration influx in Canada is that it has something to offer to everyone from every category, skills and occupation. Canada is very liberal with its views on refugees and religions, it is always ready to accept crisis hit people from every country to be a part of its ecosystem and evolve there, this too adds to the flow of inbound migration.

Currently, Canada’s cabinet has 5+ members whose forefathers were immigrants, this shows the easy, open and welcoming nature of Canada towards its immigrants and the steps this country takes to empower them. Our research says that Canada is in dire need of professionals and skilled workers, and hence, Canadian immigration policies are molded in such a way that it attracts and accepts skilled newcomer who will be contributing in Canada’s growing economy. People who plan to reside in Canada are of utmost important to Canada’s economy since they strengthen its workforce.

Canada is one country which realizes that immigrants can make a country an economic superpower and play a huge role in its overall development. They do understand that immigrants not only bring the innovation & ideas but also different traditions & backgrounds, and still with so much of diversity can become an integral part of countries growth story. Keeping these points in mind, Canada plans to increase base number of migrants that will be allowed in the country this year by 7% in order to push its economic growth cycle. Previous years target was 260,000 but that number is going to be swelled to almost 300,000 (target under all immigration categories) this year. This target was set due to what immigration minister John McCallum calls a ‘special circumstances’ of the Syrian refugee crisis, this new number is going to be a permanent base from now on, which means more opportunity for people who wants to migrate to Canada in coming years.

How India gets benefited by this? Canada is home to more than 1.2 million people of Indian origin with a record 19 Indo-Canadians elected to parliament in last year’s election. India is second largest source country (China tops the table) for permanent residents in Canada accounting for about 3.8% of Canadian population. With the new residency plan in place, there will be more opportunities to get permanent residency in Canada in shorter period. Canada’s immigration follows a point system, based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that determines the number of points one can get for each profile factor, such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency. Considering these factors, when an applicant would apply for permanent residency in Canada, his/her chances of getting one would be much higher due to increase in quota of intakes. Indian students in Canada seeking permanent residency after completing education will benefit from revision in the Express Entry Programme (EEP).

In short, it is going to be much easier to get a permanent residency in Canada than any other country in the world. Our take on this situation would be to make the best use of this opportunity if you are looking to migrate to Canada. Be a part of a story that this country is planning to write and stay true to the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that immigrant Indians make best CEOs, academics, astronauts, scientists, economists, doctors and even spelling bee champions!

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