How are different Visas related?

Irrespective of the Visa type, the principle of any Visa is to grant access to travel to the specified country for the mentioned time period depending on the Visa validity. It is only natural to get confused with all the types of Visas available for different countries if you are new to this world of international travel. But hold on, we have found a way to make this easier for you. Let’s elaborate on the two most common types of Visas: E-Visa and Sticker Visa.

What are they?

E-Visa or electronic visa is simply a visa that you can apply for on your own through a country’s visa website. They are no different than other types of travel visas in terms of its purpose. The only difference is that you can complete the application online. It is not physically printed on the passport distinguishing it.

Sticker Visa or Stamp Visa (can be used interchangeably) is the traditional visa that everyone knows about. It’s printed on the passport before leaving the native country and entering international borders, it contains more information.

How are they related?                                      

If you have an e-Visa and or visa on arrival, you’ll still get a stamp on your passport which is different from Stamp Visa, as it contains only entry and exit details and has no visa related information. The only facilitation granted by e-Visa consists in the online application, without the personal presence of the applicant at the Embassy / Consulate. Unlike for Sticker Visa for certain countries, you’ll never have to appear for Visa interviews while you are applying for e-Visa. However, this doesn’t make it any less severe as opposed to the general myth, and should be applied for well before the time of travel with proper details, also, ensure that you have sufficient funds for the same.

Sticker Visa has his own advantages. For example, if you have US tourist Stamp Visa with an Indian passport, you may travel to 26 more countries. What’s more, Indian travelers require Stamp Visa to travel to Turkey however, if you have Schengen Sticker Visa, you can simply get an e-Visa to Turkey.

For someone who travels a lot, or is willing to experience the wonderful life of globetrotters, it is almost necessary to understand these Visa types to optimally fulfill their travel goals. Nonetheless, little extra information would make you look smarter in your travel circle (wink).

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