Dubai Visa – Everything You Need To Know!

Dubai! Oh Dubai! Dubai has been a popular destination for travelers since some time due to various reasons, be it largest indoor ice skiing slope or tallest of towers with beautiful hotels and resorts, it has something to offer to everyone. But, what most people forget is, all these is available to you when you reach Dubai; however, there is this tedious process called Visa application (flights and planning) that one needs to follow before putting their feet in the land of gold. Here in this blog, we have simplified the pre-arrival process for you so that your trip starts from your home!

How To Apply For Dubai Visa?

There is no direct way to apply for Dubai visa, government has given authority to provide visa to reputed travel partners. You can connect with any of these partners to get your visa as official site to apply for Dubai (UAE) visa doesn’t exist. However, you can check the validity of your approved visa on UAE government website .

Who Can Apply For Dubai Visit Visa?

Travelers with following purposes can apply for visit visa.

  • Tourism
  • Visiting family & friends
  • Business training

What Are The Required Documents?

  • Scanned copies of the first, last and remarks page of the passport
  • Scanned copy of digital passport size photograph
  • In case if a child whose details are endorsed in his parents’ passport, following documents would be required
    – Photograph of child (scanned)
    – Passport copy of parents (scanned)
    – Birth certificate of child in English or Arabic (scanned)

(Quick Tip: Did you know about the app that you can use to apply for Dubai visa? This app allows you to submit your application with a selfie! Check it out here)

What Is The Cost Of Dubai Visa? (Visa Fees)

Cost for Dubai visa varies according to the validity period of your visa and also the authorized partner you apply it through. Please find the basic chart as follow (do note that this might be varying from time to time). This cost would be different for bulk or group visas.

Visa Type Fees
96 Hrs. transit Visa INR 5099
14 days tourist Visa INR 6349
14 days express tourist visa INR 7649
30 days tourist visa INR 6699
30 days express tourist visa INR 7649
30 days multiple entry tourist visa INR 18999
90 days visit visa INR 22499
90 days multiple entry visit visa INR 38999

How Long Does It Take To Get Dubai Visa?

  • It takes about 3–4 business days (UAE business days) to process the visa by embassy/consulate after document submission.
  • There are express visa options available that allows you to get visa in 48 hours, some additional documents may be required to opt for this option.


  • Female candidates under the age of 16 years cannot travel alone.
  • You don’t require a confirmed return air ticket to apply for visa, but it is required to have OTB before boarding the flight.
  • It is not mandatory to submit a copy of your E-Visa at Dubai (UAE) airport. But you should always carry printouts of your Visa while you travel to Dubai. So, your passport, visa copy along with Ok To Board should be enough.

Hope this article provided clarity on certain points regarding Visa process, we will keep sharing good information in our subsequent blogs. Follow us if you don’t want to miss awesome content of visa world!

8 thoughts on “Dubai Visa – Everything You Need To Know!”

    1. Dubai work visa needs to be applied by your employer in Dubai, the duration depends on how they are applying for it. With the right documents, it should take about 2 weeks or so. In some cases we have seen it taking longer too.

  1. Have you ever heard the security check upon employment processing ? How long it will take . Cause my sister waiting for a month for her employment visa under freezone company. Please guide me on what to do. Thankyou.

    1. Yes, it does happen in some of the cases. In general, employment visa would take about 15 to 30 business days (UAE business days) for clearance. Please connect with us on, we can provide more assistance only if we know the case details.

  2. I want to travel to Dubai for a leisure trip in 2 weeks i.e. around the 7th April for 4 days. Im a Indian passport holder. but my passport is expiring on 3rd July 2018.
    I have read that the passport needs to be valid for min 6 months from the time of arrival. and mine is about 3. Can I make the trip?

    1. Yes, you are right. You would require a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport. You may not be allowed to take this trip.

      PS: Please connect with us via email for faster responses. 🙂

  3. Am applying for a work visa.. And my agent say’s its gonna take me up to 3 months to get the visa.. I wanted to know if getting a Dubai visa takes that long

    1. In general, employment visa would take about 15 to 30 business days (UAE business days) for clearance. In certain cases, it may take longer. You should ask your agent for the reasons for such delay. The work visa normally comes from the employer, agents may not have much of a hold on it many times.

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