Dubai Visa – FAQs Answered

In last week’s article we spoke about Dubai Visa, and everything you need to know about it. But let’s be honest, every case is different and every traveler would have different questions based on their travel plans. We were poured in with so many questions post that blog with various scenarios at hand, it felt as if everyone is travelling to Dubai this weekend (wink).

We found out some common questions that many of you had, and tried to consolidated them into single inventory. Here’s the quick list of mostly asked questions regarding Dubai visa.

Do I need to book my airline ticket before applying for Dubai visa?
Airline booking can be made before applying for a visa, but it is not mandatory.

Can I extend my visa?
No, visa cannot be extended.

Does my kid need a visa to visit Dubai?
A visa is mandatory for all kids as well as infants accompanying their non-Emirati parents.

How many days are required for the processing of visa application?
It takes three to four working days for the processing of visa application. however, there are expedite visa processing options available.

How will I receive my Dubai visa?
Dubai visa is in the form of E-Visa and will be emailed to you by the authorized travel partner once they receive the same from the Dubai Embassy.

What is ‘OK To Board’?
All Indian passport holders need ‘Ok To Board’ (or OTB in short) while traveling to Dubai. When you travel to UAE (Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi), your PNR must be marked with OK To Board status from respective airline. To do this, you need to send your visa copy to airline, they will check for the validity of your visa, post which airline gives approval to board the flight. You can not board the flight if your PNR does not reflect Ok To Board status.

Will I get back my visa fee in the event of rejection of my visa application?
No, visa application fees is not refundable.

Is visa fee different for different age groups?
No, whether you are a minor or major, visa fees remains same.

These are just starters, we are sure you will have many more things to ask. Please feel free to connect with us with your query on Dubai (UAE) visa by dropping a line on .

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    1. Once you get the visa, you have 58 days before which you need to enter the country. You can enter anytime within these 58 days and stay for 90 days from that day onward in Dubai.

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