Visas: Easy To Difficult

What is the first thing that you need to plan an international trip?



Passport of course! You thought we’d say visa? We wanted to but then it would have been incorrect and giving you wrong information goes against the policy of this blog. However, we liked the way you thought (wink).

To be honest, visa is not far behind, it is probably the first thing that comes to your mind as passports are already available with you and do not change for long haul. But visas, well you need a new one almost every time you plan a trip. Today we are going to talk about some categories of visas in terms of difficulty to obtain them, it will surely help in selecting next vacation destination.

Visa Free

We all love free stuff! Visa is no exception. Depending on your passport index, there will be many countries where you can travel without the need to obtain a visa. Just show your passport at the immigration and walk past it, it’s that simple!

Passport index is the rank/strength of your passport which would allow/deny visa free entry to the holder.

Visa On Arrival

Next best thing after Visa Free movement is Visa On Arrival. You will have to fill up an application form on your arrival to the destination country, along with some other documents like your passport copy, photographs, accommodation bookings etc. Once these formalities are completed, you would be granted a visa to enter the country. The only risk is the denial of visa here due to incomplete documents, if that happens, you will have to travel back to your home country.


This category is becoming quite popular lately among countries and travelers. It is easier to apply for E-Visa, as the name suggests, it is electronic visa application that can be completed online. You will have to provide information about your passport and in some cases upload documents like photographs, travel itinerary etc. For most of the countries, E-Visa would be sent to you after verification of your documents in 3-4 business days. This is better than Visa On Arrival as you would know about your visa approval/denial status before hand. You need to carry copy of E-Visa during your trip, the information will be verified again at immigration, post which you will be allowed to enter the country.

Submission Of Passport

This is a category where your passport along with other physical documents like your bank statements, ITR, photographs etc needs to be submitted to the embassy/consulate/application center. It goes for verification and you receive a stamped visa back on your passport. The processing time varies according to the country of application, you may find processing time for some countries in this article (please note that the processing time in this article is mix of different categories of visas). 

Personal Interview

Honestly, this category of visas are not difficult to obtain, but the hassle in process is too much that requires lot of time investment and efforts. You will have to submit/show your physical documents for most of the countries, addition to that you will be asked to provide your biometric information by visiting the embassy/consulate/application center and post that you may have to appear for interview. Your approval/rejection of visa depends on the interview with consular. Difficulty level of consular interview: Boss! Just kidding.

Well, this is the end of the story folks. Whatever may be the difficulty level, you know the experts who can help you (hint hint)! This blog would definitely make it easy for you to decide your next trip destination, but do not let it influence you from exploring your dream one.

Let’s explore!

Please note that this blog was written by keeping tourism/tourist/visit visas in mind.

2 thoughts on “Visas: Easy To Difficult”

  1. We had a horrible time getting India Visas a few years back and due to that would not return there. When getting no where getting them on our own and no response from the consulate in SFO, we HAD to use a visa service which charged their fee in addition to the India fee. Horrendous. Maybe they have revamped their process by now, but would not want to either spend the money on the visa for a visit to India or want to return.

    1. This is one of those experiences people face due to complicated visa processes. We totally understand and empathize with your comment, it happened to us too; and hence, we started with Visa Guide ( where we are trying to guide people with information and accurate data to get their visa, making it the place from where you start your journey. It is a completely free portal, started by travelers, and handled by travelers too. We are still in very nascent stage so you may not get all answers on portal, but feel free to drop an email if you have questions.

      Update on India Visa: We wrote this answer on Quora for US citizens who wanted to get an Indian visa. There is no doubt that processes were sloppy earlier, but government is surely making it smoother everyday by putting more resources into it. Our 2 cents, do not miss on visiting the most diverse and beautiful country of the world, do not let silly visa issues come in the middle from exploring this land. 🙂

      PS: Keep sharing your experiences and comments, we are here to collect them all and through them trying to make it better for other travelers out there.

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