Road trip from India to Cambodia? Visa Is Required!

In the morning when I was humming ‘Riders on the road’ (trying to imitate the heavy voice of singer), I realized that it is a blog day today and it would be enriching to write something about the road trip and visa process associated with it.

Adventure is life! And life without adventure may not be as exciting as it would be with one. So, here’s our first article to satisfy the adrenaline rush of all our fellow travelers.

Today we will be talking about a scintillating route of India to Cambodia (I know you are pumped up already!). First of all, I must say, this would be one hell of an exciting trip to take, I am sure if nothing, it would create great memories!

To party in Siam Reap, you will have to pass through India, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia during your journey (refer to the image). Please find the information on visas in the sections below for each country.

India: If you are a citizen of India, it won’t be an issue for you. However, to pass through certain northeastern states of India, you do require special permission, commonly knows as ‘Inner Line Permit’. They may not give you ILP if the vehicle you plan to use is rented one. If you are not an Indian citizen, then you would require a visa for India too. You can get more information on Indian visa here.

Myanmar: India and Myanmar have a great inter-country relationship so it would be easy to get a visa for this country. You would require tourist/visit visa. For more information on Myanmar (Burma) visa, please go on this link.

Thailand: It might get tricky with Thailand, as their road entry points are limited and they have strict border policies. However, with proper visa documents, you may not face much hassle. You would need tourism visa here, get more details on the same here.

Cambodia: Cambodia does provide visa on arrival to Indians. But it would be wise to take visa from India to avoid further hassle on borders. It would be again tourism visa in this case. Take a look at the visa process on this link.


  • It would be advisable to plan your trip well in advance with a proper itinerary to make sure your visa is valid for the entire duration of your trip. It shouldn’t happen that the validity is expired before you leave the country.
  • You should apply for multiple entry visa if you plan to take the same route back to India, as you may have to travel through these countries again.
  • You may require special approvals for your vehicle, as these countries do not allow vehicles from other countries to come on their lands easily, make sure you have the vehicle permits beforehand. It would be wise to check the environmental laws of these countries while applying for the vehicle permits.

I may have missed few points, but this should be a good start for all the adventure seekers.

All the best and have a safe trip!

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