How To Improve Visa Approval Chances – Part 1

Who likes a rejected visa stamp on the passport? Surely, we don’t! So to avoid a rejection scenario, we, at Visa Guide, use some tricks. We thought it is a high time that we sprinkle some of our magic for our traveler friends in this blog, these tips will surely improve your chances of getting an approved visa, however, do remember that for every case the scenario would be different, and these points may or may not be applicable, so make use of this article as a reference purpose only. Well then, here is the secret recipe for improving your chances of visa approvals.

Show A Complete Itinerary

An itinerary reflects how strongly you have planned your trip. It also gives the trust to the consular officer that you are going to make sure that you will be coming back to your home country before the validity period of your visa expires. Starting with a perfect itinerary is a good first step.

Show Flight Tickets

This is one of the simplest hacks that we try to follow. Visa officers want to know whether you will travel back to your home country once the purpose of your visit is over, a return flight ticket definitely helps in building that trust. Do note that, railway, cruise or bus tickets may not have a same impact as the flight tickets.

Show Hotel Bookings

Showing hotel bookings for the dates while you will be in the foreign country will vastly improve your chances of approvals for the simple fact that the officers can verify your bookings whenever they want as compared to couch surfing (or even airbnb at times).

Follow Visa Rules

Rules are not meant to be broken when it comes to visa processes. The visa rules stated by a country for a particular type of visa needs to be followed religiously. It is possible to get an exception by requesting a consular officer, for which, the officers may ask for the additional documents, but that’s a rare case. So, it is better to follow the rules than to be a victim of them.

Hope these first four points gave you a jump start, we do not wish to overwhelm you, so we will be sharing the remaining points in the next blog under ‘part 2’ of this series, till then, adios!

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