Cultural Differences – Indonesia

When somebody says Indonesia, the first thing that comes to mind is Bali. But to be honest, there is much more to Indonesia than Bali, however, we are not here to write about our travel stories or share details of what to see and what not to see, we are here to share the idea of culture of Indonesia, and how this culturally rich nation is different than others. Let’s take a brief dive in present to explore the cultural differences of the host of Asian games 2018, Indonesia.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are different everywhere in the world then why are we specifically mentioning it here? Well, in Indonesia, the traffic laws are different on every island and hence it deserves a special mention. There is a common law across the nation, but the traffic sense of each island (or even cities on the same island) is completely different, better watch out.

Religious Diversity

Indonesia is mostly an Islamic country except for Bali, where the religious affinity is towards Hinduism. There are many people who follow Buddhism in the country. Overall, everyone is religious, prayers from mosques can be heard 4-5 times a day. In Bali, you can see flowers outside each house every morning.

The Disco Bus

This may sound exciting and unique, and it definitely is! You will see upcoming singers walking-in in the fully packed public transport to sing some popular local mixes; if singing alone is not enough, the entire band comes over to provide you an in-house (or should we say on-bus) entertainment.

Modern And Yet Conservative

You will find a combination of a modern and conservative population across Indonesia (except for Bali, which is quite modern). Even though hijab is a norm, don’t be surprised to see women with western dresses on the road. Bali beats the other parts of the nation in this case where westernization is evident due to huge tourist inflow.

Hope this blog article was informative and you enjoyed reading it as much as you would enjoy watching the Asian games.

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