Cultural Differences – Kenya

We have explored North America, Europe, Asia, and even Australia in our cultural differences series, but we kept the gem of the world, the birthplace of the Tarzan, the second largest and second most populous continent of the world hidden so far. Yes, we are talking about Africa. Today, we are going to share the cultural difference of one of the most amazing countries in Africa, Kenya.

Group Is Cool

Kenyans are group-orientated people rather than individualistic, the extended family becomes the basis of the social structure in the group-oriented society. Kenyans are essentially into mutual assistance, efforts, responsibility and community self-reliance. Kenyans treat their elderly with immense respect and reverence.

Greetings Are Important

Kenyans are friendly and hospitable people, greetings are an important part of their culture. Eye contact is a must to build the trust in social or business interactions. Don’t be surprised or offended if you hear the word ‘Mama’ for the women over the age of 21, ‘Mzee’ is used for men over the age of 35.

Anyone Hungry?

The popular Kenyan staple foods include ugali, rice, bread, chapatti (a type of Indian bread), beef, chicken, goat, tilapia and an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits. A charcoal grilled beef or goat meat called Nyama Choma is regarded as Kenya’s national dish. Kenyans like to drink chai (tea) or beer even though their major income comes from coffee plantations.

The Roar Of Wildlife

Kenya’s wildlife is the most amazing thing in the country and attracts thousands of visitors every year, the wildebeest migration is quite popular among tourists when thousands of animals migrate to a different location. Animals such as lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino, giraffe, zebra, crocodiles, hippopotamus, gazelles, cheetahs, hyena and a wide range of bird species can all be found in Kenya.

So are you ready to take the African safari? Don’t wait, plan your trip today itself and start with your visa process, the jungle awaits the arrival of its king!

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