Most Common Mistakes Made By Travelers – Part 1

Ever encountered a situation where you are at the airport and saw a fellow traveler arguing and then pleading airport authorities to allow them to board the plane, but the authorities did not flinch even a bit stating rules? Oh, that was you who faced it. Well, You are not alone. There are a lot of travelers who face troubles due to these simple mistakes, read this blog to ensure you don’t ever make them.


Forgot to update passport details in PNR

You booked the tickets, but didn’t mention the passport details in the PNR? Well, you are in for trouble at the airport, as the airlines will not allow you to fly abroad without those details. Make sure you add them when you book the ticket or before your travel date.

missed checking the validity of the passport

This is the most common mistake travelers make when it comes to passport, you need to ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months (for most of the countries) before you initiate your travel. For a few countries, this rule might be different, better to check before making the plan.

Missing the first or last name on the passport

Different countries/embassies/airlines have different rules for this kind of scenario, it is advisable to confirm the rule before making the booking/appointment.

Flight Tickets

Incorrect name of the flight ticket

You need to ensure that your name on the passport matches the name on your flight ticket. The airlines/immigration can stop you from boarding the plane if they find the mismatch in the name.

Missing the middle name on the flight ticket

Continuing the previous point, it is observed that many times travelers simply use their first and last name while booking the tickets, but if your middle name is mentioned on your passport, you need to put that too in the ticket while booking it.

Incorrect date of booking

This has happened to most of us. Booking the ticket for the wrong date or getting confused with the AM/PM timing is the most common error that the travelers make. Do note that almost every airline uses a 24 hour day calculation when they issue a ticket, check the timing twice before traveling.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article so far, we will cover the common mistakes made by travelers for visas, insurance, forex and other bookings in the second part of this blog series.

To be continued…

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